Weekends start with the best intentions. It is aimed to take the load off after a hectic week, meet your friends or just relax with a couple drinks. Even if you promise yourself that you will be in bed by 11:30 pm, it might not be possible always. When pre-promised two drinks will become four, you won’t know. You may suddenly take shots, belt out songs or chat up fellow whose name you might not remember next morning. After such a Friday night, you will get up on Saturday morning with guilt feeling, blurred vision, fried foods, indigestion, and ibuprofen and so on. What is the use of having such a Friday night? Well, there are ways to enjoy your weekend with alcohol while being social but without making you sick. Here are a few fun-night healthy drinking tips for you. It would be good to go to any of the pubs with accommodation in Sheffield.

Wine glasses

  • Eat first – Don’t go drinking on an empty stomach. Be it a protein bar you gulped at the gas station or a pasta dinner; eat something substantial before going out. If you are going with your friends or colleagues right after the office, grab a snack on the way. Better you consume a carb-heavy snack or a meal like potatoes, chicken or pasta that release energy slowly. This will keep you full as well. Food in the stomach slows down the effect of alcohol in the stomach. It will also help you avoid the temptation of having a late-night pizza as well.
  • Don’t take sugar or syrup – Raging headache is often associated with drinks taken with sugary beverages like Margaritas. As it comes to take cocktails or mixed drinks, be a bit careful. Choose fruit juice, soda water, or just plain water as a mixer, avoid syrupy mix or soda. Your waistline will really thank you for not taking the extra calories. Chances of hangover danger will also be significantly reduced. Pubs with accommodation in Sheffield would be a good option.
  • Skip one or two rounds – Tequila shots are a great idea. But don’t jump on the bandwagon. Take your drink slower than the rest of the team. You can skip a round as well. Why don’t you have a hasty exit for the bathroom while others are going to take another shot? To control your alcohol intake, take advantage of such instances and skip a round.

at the bar

  • Incorporate water – This is the best way to have a healthy yet fun-filled Friday night of drinking. Take a glass of water after each alcoholic drink. This slows down the drinking rate. It will also keep you hydrated. Drinking water all through the evening and going to sleep properly hydrated helps preventing nasty hangovers.
  • Pick the drink carefully – If you are planning for a beer night, don’t take shots or a glass of wine. Also, avoid taking a cocktail. Alternating alcohol types makes you sick and increases the chance of a hangover. Different sugar levels among different drinks are responsible for making your sick. Stick with your choice of drink. Avoid the temptation to join in the group cocktail orders.

If you want to have an alcohol night without being sick, eat first. Don’t take sugar or syrup. Skip one or two rounds. Incorporate water and pick your drink carefully.