Though there are numerous hotels scattered all over Ashbourne in Derbyshire, all of them are not suitable for canine customers. If you are planning to visit Ashbourne with your dog, look for a reputed hotel in a great location welcoming canine customers. The right holiday accommodation will try their level best to make the stay comfortable for dog owners. Though the hospitality industry has become quite dog-friendly nowadays, make sure you choose the right accommodation for your furry friend. Don’t forget to go through the canine policies before you book a room.

Have Pet Dogs? Few Points You Should Consider When Booking A Hotel

  • Try To Get In Touch With The Owner

Though booking a hotel room through online sites is quite safe, try to get in touch with the owner. Double-check whether they are indeed dog-friendly. Feel free to ask them the various benefits canine customers can reap by booking a room in that hotel. You will be surprised to know that there are a few new hotels in Derbyshire which claim to be dog/pet-friendly on their booking sites but didn’t welcome dogs on the guests’ arrival. The easiest way to avoid such confusions is by contacting the owner directly.

  • Know How Many Pet Dogs Are Welcomed

Just because you are booking a hotel which welcomes canine customers, it does not necessarily mean that you can keep as many dogs you want in your room. A majority of them allows only one dog. Check the total number of dogs allowed in a room and whether you have to pay anything more if you have more than one day. Book a room only if the amount you have to pay for each dog suits your budget. Some hotels even ask for a damage deposit (refundable) which you have to pay in advance.

  • Are Dogs Allowed In The Dining Room?

Just choosing a hotel in a great location isn’t sufficient. If you are travelling with your dogs, there are numerous things you have to consider before booking a Hotel in Ashbourne Derbyshire. Look for one where your canine family members will be permitted to enter the dining room during meal times. If there are behaviour rules, go through those. A majority of the reputed dog-friendly accommodations in Ashbourne have customised doggy meal menus. If you and your pooch can eat at the same time, your trip will become more enjoyable.

  • Prepare Well

If you want to make your trip with your dog to Ashbourne hassle-free, the first thing you should do is prepare for the trip. A holiday will break the normal environment of your dog completely. Do some research before starting your trip and undertake every step possible to make the trip enjoyable for your dogs as well. Check whether there are good dog walks nearby or some beach where you can take them for a walk.

These being said, it’s time you consider the points stated above when booking a hotel in Ashbourne and your trip with your dog will become memorable.